stock market

stock market
(Roget's IV) n.
Syn. the market, the exchange, syndicate; see business 1 , market 2 .
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus) n.
stock exchange, stock brokerage, American Stock Exchange, Wall Street, New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ.
agent who buys, sells on behalf of another: broker
Amex: American Stock Exchange
average daily price of thirty blue-chip companies: Dow-Jones Industrial Average
Big Blue: IBM, International Business Machines
Big Board: New York Stock Exchange
blue chip: common stock of a large, highquality company
broker’s frequent trading of client’s stocks to generate more commissions: churning
buyer and seller: trader
buying from one market, selling to another at higher price: arbitrage
buying just before price drops, selling just before rise: whipsaw
buying strategy that is opposite from what most others do: contrarian
collapse of market: crash
collecting stock certificates as a hobby: scripophily
company’s history, earnings, finances, circular of: prospectus
credit, buying securities on: buying on margin
corporate credit information, company that publishes: Dun and Bradstreet
declining market: bear market
diversified stock investment: mutual fund
dividends paid preferentially over common stock, stock with: preferred stock
dollar, stocks selling under a: penny stocks
earnings distribution: dividend
electronic display of trading activity: ticker
expert: analyst
Fed, the: Federal Reserve System, Federal Reserve Bank
51 percent of company’s voting shares, owning: controlling interest
growing or rising market: bull market
high-quality, high-profile company’s stock: blue chip
high-risk investing: speculating, taking a flyer
high-risk trader: speculator
holdings, investor’s: portfolio
inexperienced investor: lamb
inflated market, downward trend that corrects: correction
investment services, ratings, index, company that offers: Standard and Poor’s
load: service or sales charge
membership on an exchange: seat
moving assets to another investment: rollover
optimistic about economy: bullish
order to buy or sell at predetermined price: option, stop order
OTC: over the counter
overlooked stock with great potential: sleeper
pessimistic about economy: bearish
plunge dramatically, day on which stock prices: Black Friday, Black Monday
poorly performing stock: dog, turkey
private company offering shares for the first time: going public
privileged information, one who has access to: insider
privileged information, trading on: insider trading
purchase large volume of stock to control its price: corner, corner the market
reflects market as a whole, individual stock that: barometer, bellwether
skirt lengths, theory that market rises and falls with women’s: hemline theory
speculating on a company takeover: arbitrage
stock owner: shareholder
stock’s price divided by earnings per share: price-earnings ratio
takeover blackmail: greenmail
takeover of company with borrowed money: leveraged buyout
takeover, one who attempts a company: raider, shark
unstable: volatile

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